A-Z: Interlinked

I in the A-Z challenge, and the next in my “Compassion Goals” series.  On Compassion UK’s site, they list the 4 places where Compassion works.  I already have children in Central America and Asia, and I’ve written about how I’d like to include Africa.  Wouldn’t it be nice to link South America in too and have a child in every area where Compassion has their centres?

That would mean Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador or Peru.  Well, personally, I’d pick Brazil.  When I went to look for a Brazilian child, I was spoilt for choice.  If it was me deciding who to sponsor, I’d be drawn to both of these:  Jonathan because he’s waited so long and was born on the anniversary of when I started making my first CD (I’m told I have a freakish memory!), and Alessandra because she’s visually-impaired.  It would be interesting to find out whether she reads Braille and whether Compassion have managed to give her a Braille Bible.

I’ve got friends called Jonathan and Alex, so it would be fun to tell them I’d sponsored my very own Alex and Jonathan in Brazil, but I’m not at the stage of sponsoring more kids yet, so I’ll leave the choice to you.  Jonathan or Alessandra?

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