Why getting older is Awesome… (emphasis on the word awesome)

I’ve just enjoyed reading this from Patricia, so let me ask you the same question. Who is the most beautiful, most mature person you know and why?


Maybe the word “awesome” is a bit of a stretch, however I am going to try to think on the bright side today.

The title I really wanted to use was, “Why getting older Sucks,” however, I thought that was too negative or maybe offensive. Then I thought about using, “Why Wrinkles and Varicose Veins are a Woman’s Delight,” but that seemed too happy and positive.

Before we go to the happy, bright side of aging, lets take a look at some of the fun challenges.

Today I went to the doctor. I had three pre-cancerous skin thingy’s frozen off, and another “plugged” or “plunged” (whatever word they use to extract a growth off your body for a biopsy). It’s funny, 25 years ago, when I was lifeguarding every summer and using tanning beds in the winter, I didn’t care what the future might hold for my pale white, freckled…

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