A-Z: Questions

Q is for questions, and I want to tell you about a time I asked God some questions during one week, and didn’t tell anyone about them.  The questions were these:  1.  Is fear a sin? And 2.  What does yoke mean?  I knew the Bible talked about Christians not being yoked with people who didn’t believe, but what did that mean exactly?  Did it mean I shouldn’t have close relationships with non-Christians – shouldn’t spend much time with them?


When I got to church on Sunday night, it wasn’t our pastor preaching, but a man who was at the time a prison chaplain.  He gave his sermon a title:  “The Sin of Fear and Worry”, and guess what he slotted somewhere into the middle of it?  “Yoke means to become someone’s disciple.”  To become someone’s disciple – to follow their ideas in other words.  God really does hear our questions and answer them!


Is there a question you’d like to ask God?  Why not ask it this week and see what He does?

Your Thoughts?

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