A-Z: Touchable

I remember someone standing up in church once, telling of something God had done and saying:  “I just want to shake His hand and say, ‘Thank You very much’.”  We’re all so different aren’t we?  I know we’re supposed to reverence God, but for me, a handshake sounds much too formal for the One I love the most.  I think that when we meet Jesus, I’ll want to run to Him and give Him a massive hug, but for a while I wasn’t sure I could do that.  You see, somebody preached on the verse:  “God is spirit”, basically saying we’d never reach out and touch God because He didn’t have a physical body.  For a couple of weeks I struggled to get my head around this.  Could I relate to God if, even when I got to heaven, I wasn’t able to express love to Him in the way I’d always imagined?

I’m glad the struggle didn’t last long.  A few Sundays later, during worship, 1 Timothy 2:5 came to mind:  “There is” (present-tense) “one Mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.”  We may never be able to touch God the Father; the Holy Spirit may always live in us, but Jesus is the one part of the Godhead who’s still a man.  He’s kept His nail-pierced hands, so of course He’s kept His arms, and of course I’ll be able to run into them one day!  I can’t tell you how good that made me feel.

Your Thoughts?

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