A-Z: Unique

This time next week the A-Z challenge will be over.  Are you joining in?  How have you got on with it?


When I first started watching Formula One, it was commentated by Murray Walker.  He was such a passionate commentator I’m sure he could have converted me to any sport, but Murray Walker and mistakes sort of go hand-in-hand.  In fairness, it’s not always easy to tell which driver is which when they’re shooting past at a hundred miles an hour.


Sometimes he’d say something, and you could almost hear the cogs going round as he spotted the blip and tried to correct himself.  For anyone who doesn’t know, there are two cars per team in a Formula One race, and so he came out with one of my favourites:


“This McLaren car is absolutely unique!  Except for the one in front of it, which is identical.”

4 thoughts on “A-Z: Unique

    • Haha – yes, when unparalleled would do just as well. My dad’s not unpredictable ‘cos he usually says something can’t be very unique; either it’s unique or it’s not.

      Writing this reply underneath yours; unswervingly grateful to you for having the unction to comment!

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