A-Z: X-Ray Vision

Who has X-ray vision?  Well, God does.  “His understanding no one can fathom” – Isaiah 40:28.


Our pastor asked one day what we thought a mediator was and somebody said:  “An enabler of dialog.”  He liked that and so did I.  Jesus has opened the Way for conversation between us and God.  He went on to say that if you were choosing a mediator, you’d want someone who ‘Really got you’/really understood where you were coming from, so they could put your case to the other party.  Jesus understands us.  He knows us intimately, and what’s more, we can know God.


I heard a story this week that I really wanted to share on the blog, so I’m glad it fits in here.  An actor was once the guest of honour at a gathering, where he was asked to recite extracts from different literature.  An old preacher who was there asked him to recite the 23rd Psalm (the LORD is my Shepherd).  He said he would, on one condition – that the preacher also recited it.  The actor’s recitation was beautiful.  He put the emphasis in all the right places, and as you’d expect, there were applause.  The preacher’s voice was rough from years of preaching; his rendition anything but polished, but when he finished, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  When asked what made the difference, the actor said:  “I know the Psalm; he knows the Shepherd.”

Your Thoughts?

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