A-Z: Zest for Life

There’s an Amy Grant song I absolutely hate.  Lyric-wise it’s probably one of the worst Christian songs I’ve heard.  The honest cries of breaking hearts are better than a hallelujah sometimes?  She’s basically saying God loves our honesty and brokenness more than our praise, but I don’t think that’s right.  Because I think us honestly telling God how we feel should complement our hallelujahs, but never replace them.  I remember hearing a friend say that when he felt down he would find things to praise God for, like a table or a chair or the roof over his head, and I think that’s what God loves – authentic praise; when things are going well, and in the midst of heartache.

When you reflect on someone’s limited time on this earth, you’re reminded of how important it is to take an extra-deep breath of fresh air and make the most of the time you’ve got.  I was originally going to put this quote from Pope John Paul II under H for hallelujah, but it fits in well with ‘Zest for life’.  “Do not abandon yourselves to despair.  We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”

3 thoughts on “A-Z: Zest for Life

  1. I agree. I don’t like that Amy Grant song either. She makes it seem as if God doesn’t even hear our prayers, that they’re just a melody. We are to pray and praise and thank.

  2. As much as I love Amy Grant, that song rubs me the wrong way sometimes….I understand the sentiment – that we don’t have to come to God with everything together – with the right words, the right life – everything all tied up in a beautiful package. God will meet us where we are – no matter where that is. There is a new song on her new album that also rubs me wrong – “Don’t Try so Hard”. Again…I know the message is that God’s grace is free and we can stop trying to earn it. But God also tells us that we are to imitate Christ – to aim for perfection – to work out our salvation with fear and trembling – and ALL of that is going to take hard work!!

    I think the messages are for certain people at certain times – not general messages that need to be sung every day on the radio…. : )

    • Yes. I think if we get to a place where we lose that holy fear/reverence for the Lord, that’s a very dangerous place to be in; but knowing His awesomeness and factoring that into every decision I make, till the end, that’s the life I want to live. Thanks for the reminder to keep working for God; I’m sure He blesses that.

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