5-Minute Friday: Song

I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo today for one of her 5-minute Friday posts.  Fancy joining in?  She just gives you a prompt and you write for 5 minutes.  Simple.  Then you can link your post up to her blog and read others.


Well, this week’s prompt is ‘Song’.

* * *

“We don’t know what to do, but our eyes are fixed on You.”  Somebody talked about that just the other day as I sat watching from my lounge, and this morning it came back into my head.  Because when we don’t know what to do, that’s the best thing we can do is turn up the music and let songs of praise flood the house.  Fix our eyes on Jesus.


“Don’t tell God about your problem; tell your problem about your God” – another quote I heard the other day, and isn’t that true – that the more we focus on our problems the more unattractive we become?


So I’m asking for joy.  Asking for songs of joy, from the One who rejoices over me with singing.

2 thoughts on “5-Minute Friday: Song

  1. I love to turn up the music and let praise fill our house! And my kids love it, too 🙂
    And, funny, in my post today, I talked to a problem and told it my God was bigger. May you find lots of joy today…

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