Birthday and a Warning

This blog is 2 years old this month, and I want to thank all my readers – those who’ve read from the beginning and those I’ve met along the way.  I appreciate you all and am so glad when you take the time to comment.


My friend told me before that I should start blogging, but I put it on the back burner because I didn’t think I had anything to say.  Then I went to the Compassion conference in June 2011.  I came back wanting to do more for this amazing organisation, and the idea of blogging wasn’t so vague anymore …  I could blog about Compassion; talk about my sponsored children; letters; what Compassion stood for …


So here’s the warning:  There’s another Compassion conference next weekend and I’m going.  I don’t know whether you’ll get the flurry of posts you got at first, but I expect I’ll have something to say about it.


Are you in the UK and would you like to spend a day learning more about Compassion?  There are still places available and it’s completely free.  If you leave me a comment, I’ll try to pass the details on to you.

4 thoughts on “Birthday and a Warning

  1. I wish more people would sponsor Compassion kids! My wife and I have been sponsoring two girls for the last 13 years; one just graduated and the other will soon. It’s a wonderful organization – our experience has been 100 percent positive.

  2. Mine are Jennylyn and Cindy and they’re both in the Philippines. My friend has a boy with an odd name; it’s Msingyumva or something like that. I’m glad I can pronounce mine and don’t have to struggle with spellings!

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