A Sponsor for her Birthday

Today is a very special day.  It’s Jennylyn’s birthday!  Jennylyn is my first Compassion-child, and I started sponsoring her when she was almost 6 years old.  I think sponsoring through Compassion’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I love that I can tell someone on the other side of the world she’s loved and cared-for, talk about our families and friends, and share Bible-verses I hope might help her in the tough times, but the letters I receive from Jennylyn mean far more to me than the ones I write.  (I’ll never forget when she said at my age, my skin was smooth like a fresh fruit!)  I’m not sure when a new photo will arrive, but I always keep her latest on display so my family and friends can see what she looks like.  Sponsorship makes a big difference in the life of a child – a Bible, education, school supplies, medical care … but the sponsor benefits too.


I wonder if you’d like to do the same:  Start sponsoring a child who’s almost 6 years old.  If you would, I’ve found a little girl on Compassion UK’s website.  Her name’s Kristina Cassandra (what a mouthful!) and she’ll be 6 tomorrow.  Why not click on her name, read all about her and see whether you’d like to become her sponsor?


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