5-Minute Friday: Small

I wrote this post and then discovered it fitted with Lisa-Jo’s “5-Minute Friday” theme for this week.  Yea!  If you want to join in, why not click over to her blog and see how it works?


I was reading 2 Samuel 10 today, and it really touched me; it’s such a sad story.  What happens is, a king dies – one who’s been very loyal to King David, so David sends some of his representatives to the man’s son to sympathise with him.  David wanted to show kindness to the son because of his father’s loyalty.  Where have we heard that before?  David showed kindness to his friend Jonathan’s son because of a promise he’d made.  I guess this would have been known throughout the surrounding countries because Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s son, should have been the heir to the throne.  Any other king might have killed him, but David kept his vow to his friend and not only spared his life, but honoured him too.

So, back to the story.  David’s representatives go to the king’s son and instead of thinking the best of David, instead of looking at his track record and welcoming them, his advisors say:  “Do you really think he’s done this to honour your father?  No, he’s sent these people as spies,” and they humiliate the men and send them away.

When they realise their mistake and how angry it’s made David, they prepare to go into battle.  David’s men win, so when the enemy regroup, they bring in more troops for another battle.  Seven hundred charioteers and forty thousand foot soldiers are killed (v18).  Seven hundred charioteers and forty thousand foot soldiers?  Such loss of life, all because one person was mistrusted.  No one stepped back and said:  “Hang on a minute,” and tried to work things out.

I was struck by the stupidity of it all.  I’m sure if you looked at other wars throughout the centuries and the final straw that set them off, it’d be just as small, and maybe some of the relationships in your life aren’t what they should be because a past misunderstanding’s getting in the way.  So what are you fighting for?  And is it really worth it?

7 thoughts on “5-Minute Friday: Small

    • Thank you so much for reading, and what a great verse! Never noticed that before. There are probably lots of little ones like that in Job that just sneak up on you. 29:15 I love as well (about being eyes for the blind and feet to the lame).

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