A Family in Trouble

Aren’t families complicated?  Take this one family:  There’s a son and a daughter, and the daughter’s very beautiful – so beautiful that her half-brother falls in-love with her.  I’ve read about this recently (2 Samuel 13).  The man’s so frustrated because he knows it would be wrong for him to end up with his half-sister.


He could have handled this in a Godly way:  Perhaps he could have asked God to bring someone into his life he loved even more – someone he could rightfully marry.  It wouldn’t have been the first time somebody asked God for His help to choose a wife; Abraham’s servant did the same when looking for a wife for Isaac, but the man chose not to.  He could have been honest with his half-sister and their father about his feelings and asked for God’s help to avoid temptation, but he chose not to do that either.  Instead he took some wrong advice – the advice of his cousin, who told him to pretend to be ill.  He was very convincing and requested that his half-sister bring some of his favourite food.  Their father agreed, she brought the food into his bedroom and you can imagine what happened next.


Whose family was this?  King David’s.  The ruler of Israel wasn’t immune to personal problems; nobody is, and God cares about them all.


Are you struggling with something in your life?  Can you think of a right and Godly way to handle it?  Perhaps you’re being given all kinds of advice and don’t know where to turn.  I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I know that God does.  I’m here if you want to share in the comments, and I’m happy to pray for/with you.


Stay tuned because I want to write about the second part of this story in a future post.


Your Thoughts?

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