I promised you the second part of the story, didn’t I – the story of the half-sister who’s taken advantage of?  Well, her brother takes her in and gets his revenge on his half-brother by killing him.  He can imagine the consequences, so he leaves Jerusalem for three years (2 Samuel 13:38), but King David longs to see his son again.

David longed to see him, but did he do anything about it?  As a king, he could have.  He knew where he was; he could have ordered him sent back and brought into his presence any time he chose, but he didn’t.  When he finally agreed his son could return, he wouldn’t contact him.  It was only when the son got frustrated and effectively said:  “Why am I here?  I might as well have stayed away.  Let me see the king”; only then was he allowed into his presence.

Only when the son showed an interest.

I love that, because it reminds me so much of God’s dealings with us.  I don’t know how you see God as you read this.  Maybe He seems distant to you, but do you know He longed to spend time with you and be involved in your life even before you thought about Him?  If He seems distant, could it be because He’s like King David with his son – loving and longing to see you, but waiting for an invitation?

This is a song one of my Facebook-friends wrote and shared.  I hope it helps.


Your Thoughts?

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