5-Minute Friday: Red

Oh yes, it’s 5-minute Friday time again – a time to write for 5 minutes without worrying whether it’s just right, and this week’s theme is ‘Red’, so why not go to Lisa-Jo’s blog and join in for yourself?  And don’t forget to visit the blogger whose post’s before yours and leave them some encouragement:

* * *

Dresses and strawberries and people wearing plastic noses, wanting to do others good.

A feel-good colour.

The cord that hung out through the window to rescue Rahab and her family.

Red is for rescue:  Because Jesus died on the cross, and His blood was poured out for us.  That wouldn’t make you feel good unless you knew the end of the story.  But when you know the end, when you know He’s won and it’s finished and He’s praying for you and cheering you on, doesn’t that make you feel great?

Thank You for the blood; thank You for brightness.  My bright future.  Sometimes the clouds of life hide it from view, but it’s there.  Help me to break through the clouds and take hold of it.


2 thoughts on “5-Minute Friday: Red

  1. Red is for rescue. I really like that thought. We truly have been rescued by His precious blood. It’s nice to meet you, a sister…because of our shared rescue. I appreciated reading your thoughts as one led to another. I love how your post became your prayer. I add my prayer to yours, believing Phillipians 3:12 on your behalf… that you WILL lay hold of that for which you were laid hold of by Christ Jesus. Amen 🙂

    (oops, first time commented on wrong post… At least you know I was reading more than just this….tee hee)

    • Yeah, big thank-you for reading my blog, and don’t worry; I love comments, even if they’re on the wrong post. I’ve sent an E-mail to the wrong person at least twice before, so you aren’t the only one! Loved and really appreciated you praying for me too; thanks for being an encourager.

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