Story Behind the Child: Fiski

It had been raining nonstop for days, but today, the damp was furthest from Fiski’s mind.  He imagined himself walking down that dirt track, caped in mud up to his ankles, but clutching a precious message from someone special.  His friend, Melki, knew all about these messages because he’d had one just a month before.  “Happy 7th birthday, with love from your sponsor.”  That morning, Fiski had walked into the centre full of hope.  Just days ago he, as an unsponsored child, had joined in the Christmas celebrations with all the others.  Today was his birthday!  Surely there would be a card waiting for him?  But there was no card; no news that he finally had a sponsor.  He rounded the corner, pushed his little shoulders back and held his head high, as raindrops dripped cold onto his neck.  There was still hope.  No child could spend two birthdays without a sponsor!  There would be someone – next year.

* * *

The story is only imaginary, but Fiski is a real Indonesian boy.  Born on 27 December 2005, he was an unsponsored child on his 7th birthday, and in fact, he’s been waiting 442 days (that’s nearly 15 months) for a sponsor.  Will you end the wait for Fiski and make sure that, on his 8th birthday, he feels loved and cared-for?  On Compassion’s website you can sort the children by longest-waiting, and find the ones who’ve waited over a year for someone special.

Your Thoughts?

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