31 Days of Song: “I Give You all the Honour”

October’s here again … already, and the reds and browns of the clothes in the shops seem to match the autumn leaves on the trees.  Do you have any autumn traditions?

There’s something I heard about last year that I fancied trying on the blog, and maybe it’ll become a tradition.  It’s called 31 Days and, simple really, people just write for 31 days on a theme.  The posts can be as long or as short as you like.  I had a couple of ideas, but this one came to me recently and has stuck.

31 Days of Song.

I’ll write about 1 song per day, and I’ve managed to find most of them on YouTube so you can have a listen, but this blog is for you to enjoy, so if you’d rather not read posts every day for 31 days, please just say so in the comments.

* * *

Over the weekend I was thinking about this song, so I’ll start with this.  It’s an old one I haven’t sung for ages.  Not long after I became a Christian, I bought a triple CD called “50 Songs the UK Churches are Singing” (there are 9 more in the 500 series if you really want to collect them all).  The man on the CDs sounds like Cliff Richard and the lady’s voice isn’t great, but I love the words to this one.  My favourite lines are:

“As Your Spirit moves upon me now,
“You meet my deepest need.”  It really is true that those who hope in the LORD will not be disappointed.


As you listen, why not ask God to come into your circumstances and meet your deepest need?

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