31 Days of Song: “Broken World”

This is a song I bought just recently.  I was reading somewhere and The Talleys were described as a ‘Progressive southern gospel group’.  I don’t usually like southern gospel, so maybe it’s the progressive part that makes them different!  But if you were to ask me who were my favourite female singers, Lauren Talley would definitely be on the list; she has a gorgeous voice, a great range, and I love the message of hope this song gives.  You only have to listen to the news for a day or so to see the mess we’re in.  I heard yesterday about a Belgian killed by euthanasia after a sex-change operation that went wrong.  This really is a broken world, but as the song says:

“Wrong is right and right is wrong, but not for long.”


Why not take a moment today to bring your brokenness to the Lord?  And be comforted.  Because He’s preparing a place for you and in not very long, you can be there with Him, where there’s no more brokenness, pain, sadness, or any of those things this world has to offer.


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