31 Days of Song: “Never Alone”

Let’s start with some hellos to others participating in 31 Days.  One of my favourite writers is joining in this year with “31 Days to a Happier You” (thanks Holley; I think we could all use a few hints on how to stay in that contentment God wants so much for us), Annie’s challenging us in her series “31 Ways to Speak Love”, and Becky (a friend I met online) is participating too.  She’s often expressed her feelings on the blog by writing letters to her 4 kids, so “31 Days of Letter-Writing” seems to really suit her.  Those are the blogs I’m looking forward to this month.  Are you taking part in 31 Days?  If so, please link to your series in the comments so I can have a read.

* * *

This is a song my cousin shared on Facebook.  She wrote that her mum sent it to her when she was going through health-problems.  I like to get to know my family and when I saw her post, I felt a little nudge inside to have a listen.  As I did, I could imagine God our Father singing those words to us – not just part of the song, but all of it.  I don’t know what you’re facing today, but as you listen, think of God singing this song over you and know that wherever you go, His love will stay with you and you’re never alone.


Your Thoughts?

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