31 Days of Song: “Jesus is Lord of the Way I Feel”

I want to tell you today about 2007, when my friends moved back to Scotland.  They’d lived here about 5 years and were a couple who really impacted my life – spiritually, practically, and emotionally.  Kate’s someone you can talk to and you know she’ll tell you the truth – not just what you want to hear.  We walked on the hills, had barbecues at their house (even in the rain), learnt songs to Neil’s guitar, prayed when Kate was pregnant and saw their baby brought safely into the world.  Sometimes I wish they were still down here – can you tell?


I found out they were leaving on the Monday, and didn’t know what our church would do without them.  Later in the week, another friend had me round for a meal.  She played a CD in the background, and I liked it so much that she lent it to me.  This is one of the 3 songs that really spoke into what I was going through.  One thing I love about Don Francisco is how he uses a nice, cheery song to get a serious message across like:  “If you’re broken-hearted, the Lord is here to break the power that holds you there.”  What he’s really saying is:  Stop thinking you’ve got the right to be broken-hearted.  Ouch!  But if you’re anything like me, if something’s in a song, it sits much easier than if somebody says it directly to you.  That’s why songwriters are so very special.  And always when someone reads those verses from Habakkuk about rejoicing in the LORD, I think of this song.


Your Thoughts?

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