31 Days of Song: “Delivered”

What do you know about South Dakota?  When I was up in Scotland watching a kids’ programme with my friends’ little girl, she asked me:  “What do they have in South Dakota?”  It was that moment of being asked a question and being absolutely clueless.  I knew nothing about the place apart from its name – well, I know a bit more now.


They have families in South Dakota who’ve raised cattle for generations, and about a week ago, the west part of SD was hit by a blizzard.  One lady wrote that it wasn’t just a case of buying new cattle and starting again:  These were 3 generations of cattle, in which people had invested years of their lives, and spring wouldn’t be the same next year.  I hadn’t realised the loss of so much livestock could cause such heartbreak.  If you read her post, there are links at the bottom where you’ll find further information and advice on how you can help.

* * *

I thought about my 31 songs and which would go with this tragedy.  I chose this one from Casting Crowns.  Unusually it’s sung by one of their female singers, who’s got a nice voice.  For one thing it’s taken straight from the Bible (Psalm 116) which is fantastic, and it celebrates that when someone’s in great need, God saves them.  I’d love to sing this song one day, but I sing along to backing-tracks and with this, the singer comes straight in without an intro, so the maker of the track would have to make one up!

Your Thoughts?

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