31 Days of Song: “He Is”

What do you think of the Bible?  Have you read it?  Do you enjoy it?  One Christmas, the church I was at gave out quizzes, so I took one to do with my family.  It was a piece of writing and (similar to a word-search) you had to find names of, I think, 24 of the books in the Bible.  Mum was first to find Hosea and Dad and I ended up about 2 short, but it was a bit silly because the word ‘Kings’ was in there.  As 1 and 2 Kings are in the Bible, I was adamant we should count it twice …  I was wrong!  I think those sorts of things that everyone can join in with are a fun way of teaching people about the Bible, although definitely best to make sure you can get the answers afterwards to solve any arguments!


How did you learn about the Bible, or how do you teach others?  After I became a Christian, I got to know there were 66 books, in 2 parts – the Old and New Testaments (39 in the Old, 27 in the New).  The New Testament is centred around the new agreement Jesus made between us and God when He died in our place, and the Old is about the old agreement which could never completely remove our wrongdoings and make us acceptable to God; that’s why we needed a new and better one.


It was getting my Bible in Braille that helped me to memorise where the different books were.  It stretches to 38 volumes and takes up 2 bookshelves, and the books went on the shelves in order.  I struggled with the last 12 books in the Old Testament for ages and finally made up a sentence to remember them.  Had I known this song existed, it might have saved me all the trouble!  It’s such a well-crafted song that mentions each book in the Bible and an aspect of Jesus you’ll find there.  I’d really recommend it, and I love the key-changes.


Your Thoughts?

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