31 Days of Song: “Sometimes He Calms the Storm”

Not many words from me today because not long ago I read this (all about going through trials), and then this song came on while I washed the dishes.  I thought they went so well together.  What song came to mind as you read Mary’s article?

Sometimes He calms the storm; other times He calms His child, and then my favourite lines are:

“Sometimes fear is like white water, pounding on the soul;

“Still we sail on knowing that our Lord is in control.”

Don’t think the storms of life have to carry you away; you really can keep sailing, and God will steer your course.  Like our pastor said on Sunday, you can be unshakeable, even if you’re in a time of shaking.

Talking of shaking, I heard yesterday there’s been a bad earthquake on Cebu and Bohol in the Philippines (that’s the area where Cindy lives).  I don’t know whether she’s been affected, but please pray for her family’s safety.

Your Thoughts?

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