31 Days of Song: “Stranger on the Shore”

Yeah, I know; the title probably makes you think of an Acker Bilk tune.  It does me too, but this is a different one.

First an update and a thank-you for your prayers.  Compassion have heard nothing so far about any centres being affected by the earthquake (what good news), and Compassion Philippines will keep them posted over the next few weeks.

* * *

Now, do you remember I said I had two favourite songwriters and one was Don Francisco?  Well, Michael Card is the other.  He’s another whose voice you’d hear on the radio and instantly recognise.  It was hard to pick just one of his songs.  He’s written a whole album on the book of Revelation called “Unveiled Hope”, made lullabies, rehashed old hymns, put Bible-stories to music, and I’ve recently discovered he’s also written books.  He seems devoted to studying his Bible, so I expect they’re really good.  The one I’d love to read is “A Fragile Stone:  The Emotional Life of Simon Peter”.  Talking about the book, Michael says one of the best ways of getting to know somebody is to get to know their best friend.

Michael’s first album was called “A Fragile Stone”, so I’m guessing those songs are also about Simon Peter.  I haven’t heard all of them, but one I have heard is “Stranger on the Shore”, which is John 21 put to music – the story of Jesus calling Peter again after Peter’s denials.  The song is on YouTube, but I haven’t included the link because it’s not the best version, it’s in a different key, and you can’t hear the words very well.


Your Thoughts?

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