31 Days of Song: “I Cannot Tell it All”

Confession:  I’ve hardly read any of your blogs this week, but I did come across one person to say hello to.  It’s another Amy, and like Amy last week, she’s also focused on the Bible.  Her question for these 31 days is “What does the Bible say about food?”

* * *

So, time for another song and there’s a story behind this one.  My friend Mark Grove and his wife moved to Cornwall and in 2007, he and some of his contacts organised the first-ever worship event at the Minack Theatre.  They now hold the event there every 2 years, round-about the second weekend in May.


I can’t tell you what an honour it was to sing at this open-air theatre, carved out of a cliff, where you could stand on-stage and hear the waves in the background.  I drove down with Mum and Dad and we stayed a couple of nights in a caravan nearby.  The night before and during the morning, we heard the rain pelting down on the roof and wondered if the whole event would go ahead, but God has control of the weather and miraculously it did.  All around us, even in the nearest town of St. Ive’s, really heavy rainstorms; the Minack had 2 hours of perfect sunshine.  Gordon (the local canon) welcomed us and Mark’s worship-band were on-stage more than once, as were the Light & Life Gospel Choir from Helston, and right in the middle was me doing a couple of songs.  The Minack’s manager (Philip) was fantastic at sorting the sound and everything just went amazingly.


This is one the choir sang.  Their lead singer (I think her name was Debbie) was so enthusiastic that when I first heard this on the radio, I thought it was a bit slow because they’d put so much energy into their version, but I got used to it and now it’s a great praise song that brings back happy memories.


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