31 Days of Song: “Slow Fade”

A week ago, I was brunching in a café with my friend, and we were saying how sin creeps in little by little.  I had already written my post for that day, but I knew the perfect song to go with our conversation.


I absolutely love this interview.  I’ve added it to my favourites and just listened again, and had to listen all the way through it was so good.  In it Mark Hall, lead vocalist from Casting Crowns, talks about how he started off as (and still is) a youth pastor at his church, and their songs started out not as songs but as Bible-studies and products of the one-on-ones they had with teenagers.  The rest of the band are all youth-workers, small group leaders etc.  When asked about getting into the music business and doing what they did on a bigger scale, they said as long as they could stay in their church, they would do it.  Talk about getting your priorities right!


There’s a kids’ song to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It” that starts:  Be careful little eyes what you see.  Well, Casting Crowns have taken that song and made a grown-up version, which gives the very message my friend and I talked about last week – that sin can start with something small and escalate.  I love the line:

“It’s the second glance that ties your hand, as darkness pulls the strings.”

Your Thoughts?

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