31 Days of Song: “This Love is Real”

It’s the third Sunday of the month, which is the Sunday we have communion at church, so I wanted to choose a song about the cross – maybe one you hadn’t heard before.  I had planned a different song, but this morning I couldn’t stop singing this one.

I’ve written before that I became a Christian when my friend was backing-singer in a worship group; what I haven’t told you is that the main vocalist was a lady called Sian Elson – and doesn’t she have a powerful voice!  She’s made an album called “It’s About Time”.  I couldn’t find anything about it online, or any of the songs on YouTube, but this is one of them.  I heard Sian sing it live on a TV-programme, but haven’t heard it for ages, so I’ll just write out some of the lines for you to think about:

“Many waters cannot quench this love,

“Nothing can ever stay its flow;

“It keeps on coming though I don’t understand,

“This one thing I know:

“This love is real, and this love is true,

“And this love has worn a crown of thorns for you.

“Other love will let you down, constantly –

“Never giving what it promises,

“But this love is given unreservedly

“To show you just how wonderful it is.

“This love is real, and this love is true,

“And this love has been through the fire for you.”

Thank You Jesus for all You’ve done for us.


Your Thoughts?

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