31 Days of Song: “You are Good”

I’m in a happy mood because it’s been a good day here.  I didn’t have any meetings or school assemblies to do today, so I went round the shops instead and came back with some nice things, but however your day has been, there are some things that are unchangeable.


When I first moved to my flat, I really liked its location, but certain people weren’t sure about me moving to another part of town.  The previous tenants hadn’t lived here long and didn’t seem to have heated the place, so it felt much colder than I was used to.  On one of those days when the sceptics could have said I-told-you-so, I was sitting in the lounge feeling miserable – my feet absolutely freezing, when I heard this song for the first time:

“In the heat of the day …

“Before each kiss goodnight”?  Both those seemed so far removed from where I was that I felt even more sorry for myself and kind of switched off to it, but I took notice again when it came to the last verse:

“When it’s dark and it’s cold and I can’t feel my soul, You are so good;

“When the world has gone grey and the rain’s here to stay, You are still good.”  It was one of those songs that made me stop and think.  How can we but thank God that wherever we are in life, His love is always the same … and He’s always good.


Your Thoughts?

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