31 Days of Song: “To the Overcomers”

Amy from Moms’ Toolbox is making her way slowly through the book of Exodus at the moment, and guess what chapter we’re up to now?  The one about baby Moses, so I read it this morning.  Do you remember she encourages us to SOAP?  Well, these were my thoughts:

* * *

Scriptures:  Exodus 2:10 – “The king’s daughter named him Moses, because she had pulled him out of the water”, 22 – “Moses named him Gershom, because Moses was a stranger in a land that was not his own”.


Observation:  Hebrew names have significance.


Application:  My name means princess and it’s lovely to be a daughter of the King.  Jesus has a new name to be kept between Him and us (Revelation 2:17), so that even if our names don’t have significance on earth, they will in heaven.  I always imagined this new name to be one that summarises who we are and how we as a person have overcome, because no one else could fully know that except us and the Lord.


Prayer:  Thank You that You care about the details of our lives, even our names.  I like the thought of You watching over us to give us a new name.  Help me to be faithful, so that I can have a new name that honours You.  Amen.

* * *

There was a Michael Card song that seemed really appropriate after thinking about that verse from Revelation.  From his “Unveiled Hope” album, this is “To the Overcomers”.

Your Thoughts?

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