31 Days of Song: “Angel by Your Side”

Can you believe it’s the last Friday in October already?  Yep, 2 months to Christmas.  I hope you’re enjoying this series.  Are there any songs I haven’t written about that you think I should?

I want to say hello to Edie and Ruth this week, who are co-writing a 31 Days series on less and more.  I must confess I haven’t read all their posts, but just thought it was such a cool idea to co-write a series.  I’d love it if another blogger wanted to do that with me next year.

* * *

If any of you have been reading this blog since March, you might remember I posted about a Francesca Battistelli song.  In the comments I said I’d love to sing one of her songs one day, and Kim told me I should do it.  Well, Kim, now I have.

We had a fundraising event for our local food bank and I was asked to sing.  It says in the Bible that angels are ministering spirits, sent to help those who’ll follow Jesus (Hebrews 1:14).  I sang this as a tribute to our volunteers and the way they come alongside/minister to clients in their time of need.  God talks about us laying down our lives for others and gives us the strength to do it.  Who’s come alongside you and supported you lately?

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