31 Days of Song: “Love-Song”

Well, thanks to Sue’s comment yesterday, I’m now following Brian May on Twitter.  Who would have thought?  It’s nice to keep track of what he’s up to.  I was also looking on Compassion’s website just now, and found a little boy called Brian.  If I could take on more sponsorships, I think I’d sponsor him.  There’s no mention of a father in his home, which is so sad …  I can’t sponsor him though.  Would one of you like to?

* * *

From the very beginning of my 31 Days of Song, I knew this group had to be included.  When it comes to favourite male singers, Mac Powell from Third Day would be up there on my list, and I love his accent.


It’s nearly the end of October, so I could have picked something off their “Christmas Offerings” album.  I could have gone for a worship-song, like “Your Love o Lord” or “Offering”.  Or how about a story-song, like “I Need a Miracle” (about God stepping in at the last moment)?  No, even with all those choices, it really had to be this one.  Originally “Just to be with You”, they rerecorded it and called it “Love-Song”, and that’s what it is – a love-song to us from the Lord who was no mountain-climber but walked the hill to Calvary, who never swum oceans but He walked on the water.  Just to be with us, He’s done everything.


Your Thoughts?

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