31 Days of Song: “Orphans of God”

So, today’s is a song by the Talley Trio again, and they’ve got the distinction of being the most-featured artist in this series.  For anyone who remembers “Broken World” on day 3 and is wondering:  “Are the Talleys and the Talley Trio one and the same?” yes, they are the same people:  Roger and Debra Talley and their daughter Lauren were the Talley Trio, then Lauren married Brian Alvey and they became The Talleys.  To bring your son-in-law into the singing group and make him an honorary Talley, I think is a really nice ‘Welcome to the family’.  I enjoyed this interview with Lauren.  She’d be all right at my flat:  We could have a pizza night, and I could make sweet tea if she liked it strong!

This again is one I’d love to sing one day.  It’s a bit of an odd title; should really be called “No Orphans of God” if you ask me, but the words are lovely, and all those clever key-changes!


Your Thoughts?

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