Our Cocooning

Every time I really think about Mary, the mother of Jesus, the familiar of the Christmas story is replaced with wonder for me.  When the angel left her, she hurried to visit Elizabeth and was bubbling over with quotes from what we now know as the Old Testament.  Her song in Luke 1:46-55 is full of its promises.  She must have really known her Bible.


And God chose an ordinary girl like Mary to carry His Son.  Luke 1:35 talks about the Holy Spirit coming upon Mary and the power of God covering, or enveloping, or overshadowing her.  Can you imagine being covered, from head to toe and all around you, with God?  Set apart from everything on the outside and just feeling Him near you?  Feeling His peace?  Feeling so awestruck you can barely speak?


As a caterpillar comes out of its cocoon a butterfly, Mary came out of her experience changed forever, and so can we.  For Mary, it was a pregnancy and the knowledge that her life would never be the same again; for us it will be different, but times of intimacy with God are as available now as they were then.  There have been times in church-meetings, or in my lounge at home, when I’ve really met with God – felt close to and in awe of Him.  If you’ve never experienced that, I can’t recommend it highly enough, and please don’t think He’s not interested.  In a way, there was nothing special about Mary.  Young girls didn’t have the education that men had in those days, but God still chose her, and He’s got good things in mind for you too.  Will you let Him change your life?


Your Thoughts?

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