Suffering for His Art

God makes it very clear in His Word that we shouldn’t give up on meeting together, and even on our worst church-days, there’s a reason why we’re there.  Either He’s got something for us or we’ve got some way we can bless someone else, like last Sunday when I sang on the worship-team and couldn’t access the words to the songs.  Lots had tonnes of verses and there were at least 3 I didn’t know very well.  Being in the congregation and unsure of the words is one thing, but when you’re supposedly leading other people …  I felt ill-equipped for what I had to do, and upset not to be able to give my best to the Lord because of it.


Then along came my friend Temarra.  She had asked the pastor whether she could speak for a few minutes, and she talked about how we’re God’s masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10).  It was just the reminder I needed that God cherishes us:  No, He doesn’t get a kick out of making us look stupid but, as Temarra said, He wants us on display for His glory.  She talked about her days as a primary school teacher, when children couldn’t wait to show her their pictures and if she stuck them on the wall, they knew they were really precious.  I knew that’s what I’d take away from church last Sunday.  In my opinion, there was no way I should have been upfront, but God wanted me on display.


This stayed in my mind as we went into a time of communion.  “Thank You for Temarra’s words and the blessing she is,” I silently prayed, and then – ‘oops.  It’s communion; we’re supposed to be remembering Jesus.  “Thank You for putting me on display; You died to put me on display” – what a thought.  That really is an artist suffering for His art.


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