Skis and a Volcano

I guess if you’ve heard the news this morning, you’ll know the main story is Michael Schumacher and his skiing accident.  Of course I wish Michael well and pray there’s no serious brain damage.  Pray for his teenaged daughter and son too, who are very young to be dealing with something like this.  It was sad to hear that Michael had lesions on his brain, but God is a God of miracles, who can bring something good out of this awful accident.


Another story on the news today (though not getting nearly as much coverage) is of a volcano erupting in eastern El Salvador, and of thousands having to flee their homes.  I don’t know what your first thoughts are when you hear that, but I know El Salvador is one of the countries where Compassion works, so I’m bearing it in mind as a possible place to sponsor in the future.  Inevitably, my thoughts then went to Compassion-children in El Salvador who are waiting for sponsorship right now.  The one to jump out at me was Kevin.  Born on Christmas Day 2001, he would have just had his 12th birthday.  Kevin’s in a single-parent family and helps his mother at home as well as going to school.  I’m sure it must be a difficult life for him and a sponsor’s love and care would mean a lot.  Will you be that sponsor?


If you’re too late to sponsor Kevin, you can do the same as I did – go on the website and search by country to find all the children in El Salvador.


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