Because Love is the Most Important Thing

Wednesday was a sad day for me.  I had the unexpected news that Jennylyn had stopped attending her Compassion-centre, so I couldn’t sponsor her anymore.  According to Compassion, they visit a family on several occasions to remind them of the importance of their child being at the project.  Do you remember the post I wrote last June, giving an example of a child-letter?  How I loved that letter!  We seemed so close then, but things went very quiet after that and I had the feeling something had changed.

I don’t want to share too much personal information about Jennylyn or speculate as to why this has happened, but I thought you might be interested in the process of writing a final letter (Compassion do their best to make sure these reach your child).  One huge plus on the part of Compassion is that because I’ve written regularly to Jennylyn for several years, they’re willing to pass on my contact-details once I’ve signed a consent form, so perhaps we will stay in-touch, but that’s not guaranteed.  It might be difficult too without someone to translate for us, so I tried to put all I wanted to say into this last letter.

I wanted to get across how precious she is to me, so I wrote that I’d enjoyed her letters and told her a couple of my favourites.  I said I’d never forget her and would always love her.  Then I thought about what I wanted her to remember from her time at Compassion:  I wanted her to remember God and the love He has for her.

I’ve recently discovered that Bible Gateway allows you to search for verses in different languages, so I looked up a verse for her in Tagalog (the main language spoken in the Philippines).  I was thinking of my favourite Bible-verse, but it didn’t seem to fit, and I really felt to tell her God cared, so I decided on 1 Peter 5:7:  “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.”

* * *

I don’t know whether I got it 100% right, but in the end, letting someone know they’re loved and cared-for – isn’t that the most important thing?

If you like, you can join in Holley Gerth’s “Coffee for Your Heart” series too.  This week, she wants to see how we’ve gone about telling someone they’re loved.

Your Thoughts?

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