A Special Anniversary

Do you celebrate anniversaries?  I have a pretty good memory for past events, so I have all sorts of anniversaries in my head – the day I started work on my first CD; saw my uncle for the last time; really met with God at a prayer meeting; even the day I joined Facebook.

Well, Compassion are celebrating a special anniversary in just a few days – 5 years of taking bloggers on trips to the countries where they work.  For their 5-year blogging trip, they’re going back to the very first country they visited – Uganda.

I’m particularly looking forward to this trip:  Firstly because after reading the book “Kisses from Katie”, who wouldn’t want to find out more about Uganda and the children who live there?  And secondly because some of these bloggers are familiar to me, like Emily Freeman, whose writing I’ve often enjoyed.  Her sister Myquillyn, who calls herself The Nester (and who started the 31-Days linkup for bloggers each October) – she’s going too.  They’ve both been on trips before, but never together.  Others on the trip are Bri McKoy (who sends out all the Compassion Bloggers E-mails), and Compassion’s former president Wess Stafford.  So, are you looking forward to it too?


They’re visiting only 2 centres – the first in northern Uganda where residents have been affected by Joseph Kony’s violence, and the other in Uganda’s capital.  You can read more about the trip here, and subscribe to have all the posts delivered to your inbox.

Please pray for safe travel and meaningful posts from the bloggers, for hundreds of children to be sponsored, and for any reading the posts who are thinking about sponsorship.

Your Thoughts?

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