A Blog and a Book

Can you believe it’s the end of January already?  I just wanted to share some things from this month with you.




I was reading Torch Trust’s Facebook page and unexpectedly came across a link to this post by someone unknown to me.  To be honest, I hardly read blogs about blindness, but this is so well-written.  It was interesting (and sad at the same time) to read about the run-up to Philippa’s wedding, its challenges, and the lack of respect shown to her by some.




Ok, I must tell you all, I’m in the twenty-first century!  I’ve just (about a week ago) bought an iPhone – my first touch-screen phone, so I can read Kindle books again.  Finally, after over a year, I bought the book I had looked forward to and it didn’t disappoint.  Jeremy Camp shares about his upbringing, the loss of his first wife, and how many of his songs were given to him by God at a time when some would have turned their backs on Him.  It made me think about my own walk with God, and of course made me cry.  I haven’t heard much of Jeremy’s music, but reading “I Still Believe” has made me curious to hear more, and did you know he’s a Compassion-sponsor?


What are some of the good things you’ve come across this month?

Your Thoughts?

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