Love Is …

Have you remembered that Valentine’s Day’s coming up this week?  So I’m linking with Kirsten today to share about love:

* * *

Love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave.

Love is the Father who understands you while others think you’re extreme.

Love is the Friend who invests in you forever, irrespective of the return.

Love is the Judge who never thinks badly about you, but only what’s true.

Love is to be shared.

Love is unstoppable; even your future can’t change it.

Love is God; God is love.


10 thoughts on “Love Is …

  1. “Love is the Father who understands you while others think you’re extreme.” My favorite line as well! This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing and joining up with Not So Small Stories!

    • Hi Courtney, you were brave to share your story. I have several friends who are onto baby number 2, and I can relate to the feeling that my life doesn’t seem to have moved on, but it could well be that’s not true. When I think back to myself 10 years ago, I can see areas where I have grown in God, and maybe you’re the same. God working on us is as important as Him helping our friends to mother their children. Just remember He loves you and has a plan that’s just perfect for your life.

  2. I loved the way this sort of mimicked the love passage in 1 Corinthians, the rhythm and repetition of the “love is.” Beautiful and lyrical! Thanks so much for linking up with me this week! I’m glad your voice was a part of the group.

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