The Big 3s

Today’s Daily Post asks us to search our hearts for the big 3s:  First, 3 things we believe to be true.  I believe Jesus really did hang on a cross and was crucified for me.  I believe Jesus rose from the dead, and I believe forgiveness is possible.  As Corrie Ten Boom said:  “Jesus died for that man.  Could I ask for anything more?”  Without Jesus’ example, without the forgiveness He showed to us all, it would be impossible for us to really forgive those who wrong us.  I’m glad that because of Jesus, we can live the life He wants us to live.


And the other big 3:  Things we believe to be false.  I firmly believe evolution is false.  At best it reduces God, our Creator, to one who doesn’t have the power to create the whole world in 6 days.  At worst, it questions whether He exists at all.  I really encourage you when looking for a church to find a Bible-believing one, which holds to the truth that we didn’t evolve from monkeys; God formed us in our mothers’ wombs.


I also believe we can’t find security in any person, or thing, on this earth.  When I look at myself, I know at times I’ve fallen short.  I haven’t lived up to others’ expectations and certainly not my own.  I’ve messed up, as have we all.  Money spends and people fail, but God is eternal and trustworthy.


So, one more falsehood, and it would be this:  The devaluing of people.  I overheard a conversation earlier, that didn’t sit well with me.  An elderly person needed a lift and the woman told her husband:  “D is coming with me to collect C, so that he can do it as well eventually, and share the responsibility.”  It made me sad for that poor man – that he doesn’t have a friend who finds it a pleasure to take him places.  I hope and pray that when I get to eighty years old, I’m not just a name on a rota.  I’d really rather stay at home than have someone take me somewhere out of a sense of duty.  It made me want to sing the praises of Community Action, a charity which provides transport for elderly people and treats them with such respect.  Perhaps you’re in your eighties reading this blog; perhaps you just feel you’re a burden, but that is totally false.  God formed you in your mother’s womb, however many years ago that was.  He loves to spend time with you!  Jesus died so that you could be close to God, and He could be close to you.  If you’re still here, it means He’s not finished with you yet!  The world would be a much better place if we all did what Jesus said, and loved one another as He’s loved us.

12 thoughts on “The Big 3s

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