Memory-Verse: Proverbs 25:28

It was lovely to be back in church today, after a week off last Sunday when the clocks went forward and my memory let me down.


Our pastor talked about anger and how as Christians, we don’t have an excuse. We can’t blame what we were born into because when we’re born again, the Holy Spirit lives in us and His fruit (E.G. self-control) is available to us. It’s great to have a pastor who’s courageous enough to preach truth and give us these reminders.


I can think of a time when something I’ve done in anger has led to people saying hurtful things about me, but what made them say those things? What gave them that impression? To my shame, it was the way I acted, I realised as the life in these words hit home: “If you cannot control your anger, you are as helpless as a city without walls, open to attack” (Proverbs 25:28).


If they hit home for you too, why not ask God for His forgiveness and His help in the future?

Your Thoughts?

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