A-Z of Compassion: Justice

God’s always had a heart for the poor,

So we should remember the lessons He taught:

As we’ve been blessed, so let’s be a blessing,

That all may go well when we stand in His presence.

This is Compassion.

4 thoughts on “A-Z of Compassion: Justice

    • Oh, thanks for thinking of me. I actually thought that was quite a sad post – firstly because of how he felt about blind people before he met the students, and secondly because of the way all the blind people were lumped together rather than mixing with everyone else and each working on different business ideas. Surely they would have learnt more working with people they didn’t know than people who went to the same school?

      Yes, over a third through the challenge; I hadn’t thought of that. With this year’s I wrote them in advance, so I just keep putting up the next verse and then the next … It’s really nice of you to visit and comment like you do.

      • If all the people involved in the project had the same attitude as the blogger at the beginning, individuals might well have been side-lined. I think they had strength in numbers. We are talking about a long time ago. Sue

  1. But if they were side-lined, wouldn’t that give them a more realistic view of life? They could have met more people and changed more attitudes if they’d worked separately, and maybe for some of them it wouldn’t have worked out, but that’s the way life is. I know this particular case may have happened a long time ago, but it still does today. 75% of blind people in the UK are unemployed, and most who do have jobs work for organisations for the visually-impaired because no one else will give them a chance. I hate that.

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