“Hope Runs” Book-Review: “When Life Throws you a Lemon …

“… take as much juice from it as you can.” Sammy – a boy who, despite his past, sees a better life for himself and wants to go after it. Claire – an adventurer who’s done everything most of us could dream of: She’s worked; studied; travelled … Then, in a Kenyan orphanage, she meets Sammy. This true-life story could have been told in fewer words, but overall I enjoyed it. I learnt about cultural differences. I saw that when life throws up so many surprises, you live for the present and struggle to think ahead. “Hope Runs” brings home the importance of not just handing out money to people, but responding as Claire and Lara did – entering their world and becoming one of them.

* * *

Claire’s got giveaways and prizes on offer if you purchase the book this week, so forward your order confirmation to HopeRunsBookReceipt (at) gmail (dot) com and they’ll let you know by next Tuesday if you’ve won a prize.


Your Thoughts?

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