Look a bit Closer

“People don’t hate a thief when he steals because he is hungry” (Proverbs 6:30).  This reminds me of the mercy of God, whose understanding no one can fathom.


I saw a horrible status on Facebook recently.  It was about Peaches Geldof, suspected to have died of a heroin overdose.  In a nutshell, it said her family shouldn’t waste time grieving for her because she had destroyed a family and left her children motherless.  I wondered how someone who’d lost a mother themselves could advise children against grieving for theirs!  I think it was because she saw the addict, not the person.


People who become addicts are just people, and there are usually reasons behind their addictions:  They’re advised to take a certain painkiller; it improves their condition, so they take more … and more …  They use a softer drug; they feel accepted; their peer group go onto harder drugs … etc.


I know addiction’s not the best path for someone’s life.  When you get involved with drugs and drug-dealers, you’re doing something illegal; it can lead to crime, violence …  I know all that, but shouldn’t we have some compassion?  You can hate the addiction and its effects without hating the person themselves.

3 thoughts on “Look a bit Closer

  1. It’s a lot easier said when you are not directly affected. But God reminds us every day that even those who have wandered far off are still His and He loves them and wants their return to wholeness. Yes, we all need to remember, even in our anger, that the addiction is not the person. My father was a very cool person – funny, compassionate, loving, kind. But his addiction destroyed our family and brought us pain and desolation. God is healing us each day and i can now see him for the person he is and not the addiction he is trapped by. It is hard not to be angry sometimes. But it is also painful not to be able to wrestle him away from it.

    Good reminder. Thank you.

    • Thank you for the lovely comment. I’m not affected the same way as you; I don’t have a family-member who suffers, but yes, it is painful when you see someone in the middle of it and can’t wrestle them away. For me, remembering the person as they were before has helped a lot. I don’t know whether you have those memories of your father, but I’m certainly supporting you in prayer.

      • Thank you. There were good times all throughout. It just took 20 years of growing up to remember them thru the pain. Compassion and grace are where we have to stand daily. But it’s a choice. Thank you for your prayers!

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