Not Disqualified

“Fools don’t care if they sin, but honest people work at being right” (Proverbs 14:9).  When you look back at the things you’ve done, is there something there that you think disqualifies you from ever being used by God to show Him to the world?  I hate how people have such long memories of the things we do wrong, but God’s not like that.  God is a God who loves unconditionally, who forgives us lavishly.


If you feel sorry for what you’ve done, if there’s something in you that wants to change, look at this verse and see the hope in it.  You’re not like the fool – uncaring and hard-hearted.  There’s a part of you that wants to ‘Work at being right’, and you can.  The good news is that God doesn’t wait for us to have it all together before He accepts us.


The verse in the Bible that changed my life and brought me into a personal relationship with God is also in Proverbs 14:  Proverbs 14:30, which says envy rots the bones.  You can read the story of when I became a Christian here, but take from it the fact that God didn’t say:  “Come when you’ve got rid of all that envy”; He simply said:  “Come because I love you”.  When I said yes to that, then He started working in my heart; changing the way I thought about things; taking me on this journey that’s called Christianity.  There are still things He’s working on in me; I’m still not the person I’d like to be, but I care when I mess up, and I want (with His help) to work at being right.  I hope you do too.

Your Thoughts?

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