Healthy Sharing

“Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisors bring success” (Proverbs 15:22).


I think this is one reason why community’s so important.  I’d definitely say sharing with others and getting their input into your life shouldn’t be restricted to Sundays.  Just the other week, I was struggling with something a church-member said, trying to process it, and one thing that helped me do that was chatting with some Christian women on Facebook.  Sometimes I can be quite hard on myself, but when I shared with the group, no one said what I might have said – that I needed to be thicker-skinned.  In fact, the most helpful comment was one about ‘Our gentle God’ – one that made me refocus on the love He has for us.


If I have a dream that’s potentially life-changing, before acting on it, I ask people I can trust, who are most likely to put me off.  When even they can see it working, it reassures me that I’m not coming from another planet!  What about you; who do you bounce your ideas off?  Do you prefer to share online or face-to-face?


Your Thoughts?

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