Beware Your Words

“Spoken words can be like deep water, but wisdom is like a flowing stream” (Proverbs 18:4).  What we say can be as dangerous as being thrown in to the deep end of a swimming-pool, but a flowing stream?  A flowing stream’s not dangerous at all.  It’s pleasant to listen to, and you can spend hours being soothed by it.


“The words of fools start quarrels” (Proverbs 18:6).


“The words of a gossip are like tasty bits of food” (Proverbs 18:8).  If I’ve eaten smoked bacon in a sandwich, or some nice potato dauphinoise (sliced potatoes baked with cream and garlic), the flavour tantalises me long after I’ve finished eating.  A sobering thought, but gossip can be just as lasting.


“The wise person listens to learn more. …  The person who tells one side of a story seems right, until someone else comes and asks questions” (Proverbs 18:15, 17).  Words are important – other people’s, and the way you use yours.


“A brother who has been insulted is harder to win back than a walled city” (Proverbs 18:19).  I know the truth of this one.  I’m not very likely to want to spend time with someone if I know they think badly of me.


So, remember the longevity of your words, and be careful what you say.

Your Thoughts?

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