A Blessing to my Children

“The good people who live honest lives will be a blessing to their children” (Proverbs 20:7).


I’m on benefits because I’m blind, and I’ve never been able to find paid employment.  When I fill in forms, I’m careful to do it honestly.  On some, like the claim for Disability Living Allowance, we’re asked to say what we need, even if we don’t currently have it.  The problem is that one person’s thoughts on what they need can be very different to someone else’s.  For example, my answer to the question:  “Do you need someone to keep an eye on you?” would be no, because I can go out on my own with my cane, cross roads etc.  I’ll need help sometimes (as anybody would), but generally when I’m on my own, I’m not in danger.  But a friend of mine was advised to answer yes, because if she went out with a stain on her blouse, she wouldn’t be able to see it.


Although I shouldn’t judge how other people choose to answer, it does seem unfair when I see someone with the same degree of blindness or with more sight than me get significantly more money than I do, but verses like this are an encouragement to me.  I try to be a person of integrity, and this verse tells me that if I am, I’m going to be a blessing to my children (in my case, my sponsored children).

* * *

I was with someone today who’s reading Proverbs in 31 days along-with me, and she told me the verse which stuck out to her.  The verses that impact you will probably be different to mine, so if you’d like to share in the comments, that would be really exciting.


Your Thoughts?

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