Behind Locked Doors

“The lazy person says, ‘There’s a lion outside!  I might get killed out in the street’” (Proverbs 22:13).


Now don’t get me wrong; I’ve never said that, but I have had that kind of attitude.  In worrying there’s a lion outside, what’s the lazy person doing?  Finding an excuse not to go out.  If I don’t have the confidence to do something, I’ll find excuses too.


I’ve never had much confidence on buses.  I’ve been on them before, with somebody helping me on at one end and someone else meeting me the other, but never by myself.  My excuses?  There’s a whole list.  I know bus-drivers have to run to a timetable, and that bus companies aren’t always very sympathetic to the passengers.  I can just imagine a driver speeding away while I’m still fumbling around with my cane, trying to find where the steps are to get into the bus.  Some of the seats on buses don’t have seatbelts, and a lady I know fell off one of those seats when the bus lurched forward, thankfully not breaking anything but ending up very bruised.  Trains are better because you can book the assistance, but you can’t on buses, so if I ever had to change buses to get somewhere, the thought of getting off one bus and finding where my next one has stopped all by myself is very daunting.


See what I mean?  But I know blind people do manage not only to get on and off buses, but to swap between one and another.  To tell you the truth, I’m embarrassed I can’t do it.  I think I’d have a fuller life if I could, but where to start?  With my local shops near enough to walk to, it’s so much easier just to carry on doing only the things I need to, and keep my list of excuses.


Maybe I’m just like that lazy person …


But I shouldn’t be.


Last Sunday, we sang a song at church:

“There is power in the name of Jesus

“To break every chain”.  We’ve sung it lots of times before, but this time, I thought about my life and really felt that God wouldn’t want me stuck behind my front door as much as I am.  Then my pastor preached on John 20:19-23 – Jesus’ followers after His resurrection, stuck behind locked doors for fear of the Jews!  The locked doors didn’t get in Jesus’ way.  He appeared despite them and His first word to them was ‘Peace’.  What if God wants to break our chains, and give us peace instead of fear?

Your Thoughts?

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