“90 Minutes in Heaven” Book-Review: Life After Perfection

I had started to read someone else’s account of heaven before and was less than impressed.  I didn’t want a repeat of that experience, but knowing Don Piper was a pastor, I trusted his credibility and signed up to review “90 Minutes in Heaven”; I’m so glad I did.  Co-written with Cecil Murphey, this book is about a man whose accident left him clinically dead for an hour-and-a-half.  He returned to earth with a song on his lips and severe injuries to most of his body.  This book is about a man who’s trying to get his head around life after perfection.


The title is perhaps misleading.  If you’re expecting a whole book on heaven, you’ll be disappointed, though he does share some detail.  But if you’re someone like me, who hears about these supernatural experiences and wonders what effect they had, you’ll enjoy this.  A free study guide is available here for small-group discussions.  At the front of this 10th anniversary edition, Don updates readers on events since its first publication, telling of the many groups he’s spoken to and places he’s stayed.  Couple this with numerous examples of him using his pain to help others, and it’s not surprising that one of Don’s most-loved quotes about prayer is:  “Practical prayer is harder on the soles of our feet than the knees of our trousers.”  A remarkable man, yet he doesn’t take the applause.  Read one of my favourite chapters in the book to see why not, and be inspired.

Your Thoughts?

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