One of Your Family

I was reading Mark 9:33-37 this morning and just love the picture it paints.  It says that after Jesus and His disciples settled in a house, He confronted the argument they were having earlier about who was the greatest.  Then Jesus put a little child among them, embraced the child, and told how welcoming a child also welcomed Him.


Now, when I thought before about Jesus calling a child and having this conversation, I imagined it outside somewhere, and the child being called out from a huge crowd … but Mark says they were in a house.  The child was probably one of the family they were staying with, whom Jesus brought in from the next room.  Sounds so ordinary and so homely to me.


Have you ever imagined Jesus as one of your family, taking your child in His arms and using them to get His message across?  That’s what Jesus wants to be:  Part of our everyday life, and He can use children to teach us things about Him that we might otherwise miss in all the busyness.


A friend once told me about when she took her little boy to the bakery.  As she chose her shopping, the boy said:  “Mummy?”  He waited and tried again.  “Mummy, God’s trying to talk to you.”


“Oh?  What’s He trying to say?”


“That He loves you.”


It brought a smile and a “Bless!” from the woman behind the counter, and I think a reminder to all of us to stay on the lookout for God’s love and care … even when we’re choosing cakes at the bakery.

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